Held May 10, 2006
Abromson Community Education Center
University of Southern Maine
7:45AM ~ 5:45 PM


Conference Presentations Now Available:
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Dr. Kates,
Recent Science in the IPCC 2007 Assessment (.175MG)

Jim Walker, The Climate Group
Carbon Down/Profits Up (2.71MG)

Fairchild Semiconductor
Carbon Challenge Commitments (.3MG)

Casella Waste Systems
GHG Emissions Inventory and Plans to Reduce (.6MG)

Interface Inc.
Meeting Post 2020 Emissions Reduction Targets (.9MG)

Maine Energy Investment Corporation
Energy Vision for Post 2020 (1.4MG)

GrowSmart Maine
Community Planning to Reduce Risks and Cost of Climate Change (7MG)

SwissRe Financial Services
Reducing Risk and Cost from Climate Change

Sweden's Aggressive Goals

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Background on Maine Global Climate Change, LLC


Why Attend?

  • Hear the latest information regarding Climate Change science.
  • Learn about the current status of Federal and State responses to Climate Change.
  • Learn what Maine organizations are doing to Reduce Risk, Reduce Costs, and Plan for Climate Change both pre-2020 and post-2020 in transportation; the built environment; electrical generation, transmission, and distribution; carbon sequestration through forest management and agriculture; and industrial efficiency.
  • Participate in breakout sessions to share what you are doing and what's needed.
  • Join leaders in recognizing the more than 50 organizations that have enrolled in the Governor's Carbon Challenge Partners Program.



  • Transportation - vehicles & infrastructure
  • Fuels - heating, lighting and transportation sector
  • Light and Heavy Industry
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Tourist industry
  • Insurance industry
  • Renewable Energy Producers & products
  • Fossil fuel electric energy producers & products
  • Energy Efficiency Technology Sector
  • Electrical energy transmission companies
  • Architects and engineers
  • Efficiency Maine suppliers
  • Forestry sector
  • Healthcare industry
  • Agricultural sector
  • Community Planning and Development


  • Federal and state legislators
  • National, state & local government
  • Community Action Programs


  • Green Campus Consortium members
  • 5th grade through college teachers


  • Climate
  • Marine -including plankton & fisheries
  • Ecosystems - Forests, Soils, Water, Animals
  • Power Production/Energy Efficiency
  • Engineers


  • Public policy
  • Faith Community
  • Public Health Advocacy
  • Environmental/energy advocacy


Conference Goals

  1. Motivate more Maine businesses, industries, other organizations and individuals to take steps to address their direct and indirect contributions to climate change by sharing progress and commitments made by others to reach 2010, 2020 and post 2020 reductions.
  2. Engage key sectors (transportation, built environment, electric generation and transmission, forest and agricultural sequestration) to discuss needs and barriers to making progress toward reducing emissions that contribute to climate change.
  3. Initiate a dialogue among key stakeholders (fisheries, forestry, tourism, health, emergency management, transportation, infrastructure, local municipalities, insurance) on issues associated with adaptation to the potential impacts of climate change on Maine - both before and after 2020.


Conference will be climate neutral. A portion of registration fee will be used to purchase Tradable, Renewable, Energy Certificates sufficient to offset carbon emissions from the conference!


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